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Yes, I’m about two months late with publishing this truly exciting news. But hey, our mission comes first, not our shameless self-promotion.

I know, I really need to work on that.

Anyway, on January 12, 2015, Walt Kane and his crew from News 12 NJ came to Belleville. Kane featured myself, Jeff Mattingly, and much to my delight, the NutleyWatch blog on his popular investigative reporting series, “Kane In Your Corner”.

Being a huge fan of “Kane In Your Corner” for years, this was a profoundly thrilling and memorable experience for me. I was grinning like a complete idiot the entire time Walt Kane was speaking with us.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about my debut on TV news, but considerably less than it probably would have been thanks to Kane’s professional and very personable demeanor.


Walt Kane and Jeff Mattingly filming his portion of the interview at his woodworking shop in Belleville
Walt Kane and Jeff Mattingly filming his portion of the interview at his woodworking shop in Belleville


I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of his incomparable investigative journalism and penetrating questions (like our very own Councilman Longo), but for us, Mr. Kane was a super nice guy to work with.

This edition of KIYC was a follow-up report on the Belleville Board of Education, and the staggering audit conducted by the State of New Jersey on the school board’s….I guess you’d call it….finances.

Our interviews and this broadcast took place the day before State Auditor Jeffrey Bliss would present the audit findings to the highly outraged public in attendance during a special meeting of the Board.

Everything that we’ve all been working hard for a year to uncover was finally confirmed and documented by the state, then Mr. Kane came in to give it a slam-dunk flourish in the media with his hard hitting, no nonsense style. Boom!

We’re tremendously grateful to Mr. Kane for picking up this whole story last year, and sticking with us through this unbelievably twisted and depraved fiasco involving Clarity and the Belleville Board of Ed’s reckless and willful mismanagement of the district’s finances.

I hope to see him visit us again for his next report when the individuals responsible for this obscene financial calamity are finally held accountable. That’s when the proverbial fecal matter will truly hit the fan around here.

That day of reckoning is coming. I can feel it.

~ Griff




EDIT: A slight correction to note here. The Nutley Watch has been highly critical of the school board’s spending (obviously with good reason), but not any other aspect of the Belleville school district itself. Thankfully that distinction was made in the printed article when it was published shortly afterward, which is linked below.


Companion article on the official News 12 website:

KIYC: Audit finds irregularities at Belleville Board of Ed





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