Any person may request that the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) undertake an investigation by submitting an Investigation Request Form or a signed written statement setting forth an allegation that constitutes a potential violation of the Campaign Reporting Act, the Lobbying Act, the Personal Financial Disclosure Act, or the Uniform Recall Election Law. The written statement should be as specific as possible, identifying the name of the subject candidate and/or entity, the election and/or calendar year, and as much detail and support for the allegation as is known.

A request for investigation should be forwarded to the attention of the Commission at:

ELEC Review and Investigation Section
P.O. Box 185
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0185


The submitted request must provide the name and mailing address of the person submitting it, as well as a day and evening phone number.

All written requests for investigation will be acknowledged by the Review and Investigation Section and, if within the jurisdiction of the Commission, will be presented to the Commission within approximately 90 days of receipt, for a determination whether or not to open an investigation. The Commission’s staff will subsequently notify the complainant of that determination, and, if the Commission determines to open an investigation, of the subsequent outcome. At the conclusion of an investigation, the Commission may determine to take no further action, to issue a letter of correction, or to undertake formal complaint action for an alleged violation and seek imposition of civil penalties.

The Commission also initiates investigations as a result of staff review of reports filed with the Commission.


For more information on submitting a request, see the relevant page on ELEC’s website:

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ELEC’s Public Information page for searching campaign financing activity (see the left sidebar for search types):

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