Belleville BoE Special Meeting to Present 2013-14 Audit (Video) – Jan 13, 2015


Here is Tuesday night’s special public meeting of the Belleville Board of Education. This meeting was for the presentation of the 2013-14 audit, given by state auditor Jeffrey Bliss.

It’s a 3-hour meeting, but if you can stomach the report given by Bliss on the 67 outrageous financial findings, it is certainly worth watching.

Some of the presentation by Bliss is eye-opening, gut wrenching, and truly sickening. That such a systemic lack of any accountability and a brazen disregard for proper financial reporting could go on for as long as it did, with no oversight, blows my mind. We’re talking millions of dollars here.

Considering some of the reactions we saw over the course of the meeting from members of the audience, whatever you do, please try not to punch your computer monitor in anger.

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Update: Here is’s coverage of the meeting:

Results of Belleville schools’ audit revealed to public


From the Observer Online:

$3.7M deficit confirmed




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