Frantantoni: Regarding Pallante’s Cameo Appearance

Vincent Frantantoni questions the endorsement of a former politician who disappeared from Belleville politics 14 years ago by a former politician who disappeared 12 years ago.



I recently received a copy of a letter from “the desk of Former BOE Trustee & Councilman Lou Pallante.”

Pallante states he has attended BOE and Town meetings for the past twelve years. He’s right, but he neglected to tell you the total visits were in the single digits.

He recalls when he was on the Council 16 years ago, Candidate Michael Melham and he were on the opposite sides of the political landscape. But now he believes Melham has changed and he is supporting the Melham team.

Pallante also mentions the condition of our recreation facilities. THAT rang a bell.

I was elected to the commission form of government in 1987. I took office on Tuesday May 19, 1987. Three days later, on Friday, May 22, at 6:15 pm, I received a call from Mr. Pallante. He congratulated me and said he would like to meet with me. I invited him to come to my home within the hour. It turns out Mr. Pallante wanted the Recreation Directors job.

Could it be that Mr. Pallante’s newfound support for Melham is because he is still interested in the Recreation Director job?


Vincent J. Frantantoni




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