Only In Belleville Could A Bathroom Cost Taxpayers $131,000

Is it me, or does this renovation seem a little overpriced?

Note: No, the bathroom pictured above is not the Belleville Firehouse. If it were, we wouldn’t bother to question the cost of this project (just the sanity of the elected officials who approved it). This particular bathroom in Hong Kong is made entirely of pure gold – including the roll of toilet paper – and is valued at something like $4 million (US). It’s just here as a bit of comedy for an otherwise sickening topic.


Vincent Frantantoni did such a good job of questioning the Belleville Council on what appears to be a ludicrous change order for a bathroom renovation, that there’s really not much else to add at this moment.

Yet another outrageous maneuver financially benefiting the cousin of a sitting councilmember that they tried to slip past taxpayers, and were called out on it by public advocates.

This article will be developed as more information comes in. For now, here is the confrontation.





Here is a copy of the resolution:

Belleville Firehouse change order resolution




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