Belleville Board of Education Meeting – August 24, 2015


Before you get started, there is some information that board trustee Ralph Vellon refers to right in the beginning of the meeting regarding the 2,000 USB flash drives.

If you don’t already know the whole sordid story about that transaction, please take a look at the original article we published last May¬†before you continue watching the video.

After a year of holding it back (for reasons I will explain later), we’ll finally be releasing the second part of our investigative report here on within the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned for that tomorrow, and enjoy the video.






Update: has published their coverage of the meeting:

Belleville BOE discusses school year preparation




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  1. After listening to Mr. Vellon’s opening remarks at the BOE meeting (8-24-15), he immediately put the focus of attention regarding the missing 2,000 USB flash drives (cost to school district $20,150) squarely back in the lap of former BOE trustee Joe Longo (former sales rep. for Marange Printing, Inc.) and his connections to former BOE trustee and Technology Dept. head Bill Freda and former BOE president John Rivera and their possibly existing “secure room”, where the already-missing 15, 37″ video monitors could be.

    These three had all of the answers for a long time, actually couldn’t shut them up, so why the silence now? And why didn’t the district ever qualify for discounts for bulk purchases on any of the products?

    And the false outrage about bringing in the authorities to investigate- what a show of arrogance! And where were our own school administrators who had the responsibility for signing off on these purchases- what did they know? We long for that final report.

    And now, we’re starting to see a little more clearly who ‘bought’ what and ‘how much’ from whom, who benefited from the purchases of this ‘useless product’ and others by the district, who approved of and authorized these purchases, and who can or can’t say that they were looking out for the best interests of the school district, as funds were disbursed?

    To Griff- you got it from the start. Thanks for looking out and keep up the good work.

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