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    Sounds better and better, Griff!

    Again, congratulations for passing the one year mark with flying colors. The ‘alleged corruption’ in Belleville has been and will continue to be fairly well exposed and dealt with and ‘The Watch’ has certainly led the way in putting our good town back on the straight and narrow. NutleyWatch (BellevilleWatch) has been instrumental and, in fact, the first and only one to bring sunlight to these issues which are most critical to the survival of Belleville; and it was through you and the contributions of your supporters by reporting, documenting and, very importantly, archiving all matters relating to these incidents. Your dedication to stick with the facts and report the truth to the people is what, in the end, caught the attention of other news outlets, some of which did give NutleyWatch proper attribution. This is the beginning!

    This has been very exciting to watch develop and, if I understand what you’re saying above, we might soon be seeing sites in EssexWatch such as MontclairWatch, BloomfieldWatch, GlenRidgeWatch,, etc. Is this right? Is that correct? If so, this could become a tremendous tool in reporting- not only in Nutley, Belleville and other Essex County towns, but ultimately statewide and nationally! WOW!!! And good luck to NutleyWatch and its creator Lee Dorry who deserves a tremendous amount of credit for what it (they) are and will be doing for the citizens of these communities. God bless you.

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