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NutleyWatch “News Capsules” are a new series of iterative articles intended to help readers research and get up to speed on important issues more quickly and easily.

News Capsules are a feature created for the upcoming Essex Watch site, and are being implemented here for a few of our issue campaigns as well.

What are News Capsules? It’s super simple, really.

Each News Capsule is basically just a post following a certain format, one for each issue, that gets repeatedly updated. As it grows, it becomes a running collection of all known news coverage and media items related to one of our issue campaigns. It’s an ongoing repository of everything about a subject that is published by someone other than us (local newspapers, other bloggers, etc).

This is in addition to our own articles, videos, and documents that we provide on this blog. Our content is organized using “Tags”, located in the sidebar of the site. Each Tag directs the user to all associated content for a specific subject we’ve covered here.

With News Capsules, readers can get a high-level overview of a particular issue from local news and media coverage in a single, easy to share post.

Then, once they have a better understanding of the issue, they can continue reading our own “boots on the ground” perspective, and watch videos of public meetings for even further engagement.

By having virtually all of the known information about an issue available in one location, this makes it much easier for people to quickly get up to speed, become informed, and help raise awareness of it with others.

Together with the content that we publish on the Watch, our frequent micro-updates on Facebook and Twitter, the documents we make available in our Document Library, and the videos we provide on our YouTube channel, News Capsules are another feature of that will help give readers an ongoing, 360-degree overview of a particular issue, from front to back.

Look for the first News Capsule article, arriving Soon™.




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