The EssexWatch Document Library will be hosting a selection of documents, most of which are relevant to our various issue campaigns.

This is just a basic feature we are adding in order to share information with others who are interested in doing their own research and analysis, and viewing the facts for themselves.

All documents hosted in the Library were obtained via Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests, or through other legitimate channels. Non-public or privileged information will not be made available here.

If you have any documents pertinent to our issue campaigns that you would like to share with others here, please let us know using the Contact page.

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BellevilleNutleyEssex CountyReference

Belleville Town Council

SCI Investigative Report of Municipal Government in Belleville – A 1993 report by the State of New Jersey on the corruption found in Belleville government

Melham v. Esposito et al

Melham v. Esposito et al   **New**  – lawsuit re-filed March 2018

Belleville Proposed 2015 Municipal Budget

Belleville 2015 Budget Amendment

Fiscella v. Township of Belleville

Mauro Tucci’s employment contract as Town Manager

Planning and Development

Township of Belleville Master Plan

Belleville Zoning Ordinances

Belleville Northeast Development Proposal by Maser – August 2014 plan approved by the Planning Board

2006 Rutgers Study “Who Lives in New Jersey Housing?”

Soho Project Proposed Plans – zip archive containing photos of architectural plans as of 7/9/2015 submitted to us

Affordable Housing / COAH

Belleville Housing Element & Fair Share Housing Plan – required filing by the Council under COAH/Mount Laurel. Draft version submitted to the courts on Dec 7, 2015, with request for extension until April 1, 2016. Read pages 20 and 30 very carefully to see an example of the Council’s intentions with this development plan.

Trust Fund Spending Plan – same as above, submitted with Housing Plan.

Belleville Board of Education

Athletic Advisory Council accounting records – May 2010 to April 2014

Payments to Marange Printing – former Board Trustee and now-Councilman Joe Longo was a sales rep for Marange, and was serving on the Board while contracting services with his own company

Superintendent Feldman’s employment contract

District policy on the use of social networking sites

Superintendent Tomko’s 90-Day Entry Plan

PERC Ruling on Surveillance and the Targeting of Union Officials

Belleville BOE AMR Audit Findings 2013 – Financial audit of the school district, June 2013

Belleville BOE AMR Audit Findings 2014 – Financial audit, June 2014

Belleville BOE Comprehensive Annual Financial Audit 2014

Facility Needs Assessment Study

Belleville BOE Financial Audit Synopsis 2014-2015 – Financial audit, June 2015

Clarity Surveillance System

Clarity contract for IT support services

Clarity payment table for lease purchase financing

Downloadable Forms

Belleville Board of Education OPRA request form

Nutley Board of Commissioners

Nutley Township Master Plan – adopted 2012

Township of Nutley Employee Handbook (1997)   **New**

Ordinance 3301 – Salary Range Increases – by request

RR277-14 Amendments to Zoning Ordinances

Video Recording Regulations – adopted Sept 15, 2015 by the BOC for each of the governing bodies in town

Bond Ordinance 3323

Nutley Hoffmann-LaRoche Phase One Redevelopment Plan

JGSC Market Analysis Report, Township of Nutley

Nutley Board of Education

Dome-Tech TriTech – by request

Planning and Development

East Centre Street Development – by request

Downloadable Forms

Nutley Township OPRA request form – OPRA requests can be emailed to

Downloadable Forms

Essex County voter registration form – Not a registered voter? All you need to do is fill out this form, and drop it in the mail!

Open Government

Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA, or “The Sunshine Law”) – The enacted legislation governing all public meetings

Open Public Meetings Act – The complete guide published by the New Jersey State League of Municipalities

Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

Office of the State Comptroller

OSC: A Programmatic Examination of Municipal Tax Abatements (Boxer, 2010)

Summary of Boxer tax abatement report

OSC: State Health Benefits Program (Boxer, 2012)

OSC: Management of Tax Exempt Property by Selected New Jersey Municipalities (Boxer, 2013)


NJSBA Nominating Petition for School Board Elections – Want to run for your local Board of Education? This form will help you get started.

Municipal Law

The Faulkner Act / Optional Municipal Charter LawN.J.S.A. 40:69A-1 et seq. provides New Jersey municipalities with a variety of models of local government.

Local Redevelopment and Housing Law


Research on School Security: The Impact of Security Measures on Students – A study by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)