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Belleville Board of Education Candidates Forum


Belleville, NJ – October 15, 2014 – In advance of the November 4, 2014 elections, the Belleville United Coalition will be hosting a Candidates Forum for the 5 individuals who are running for the 2 open seats on the Belleville Board of Education.

The BBOE Candidates Forum will take place on Monday, October 27, 2014 starting at 7 PM at the Belleville Senior Citizens Center, by invitation of the combined Seniors groups. Location: 125 Franklin Ave (corner of Franklin Ave and Mill St, enter from Mill St). The Forum is expected to run approximately 2 hours. Ample parking is available.

We are honored and privileged that Mr. Bob Braun has consented to moderate our first annual Candidates Forum. Mr. Braun’s distinguished 50 year career with the Star Ledger includes 30 years as Education Editor and then as their Senior News Columnist. We couldn’t have hoped for a better moderator.

The BOE Candidates Forum is a non-partisan event designed to give the candidates a unique opportunity to express their views and positions on a wide array of vital issues currently affecting our troubled district.

In the 1st segment, the moderator (Mr. Braun) will present the candidates with a series of prepared questions. In the 2nd segment, those in attendance will be invited (as they enter the Senior Center) to write down questions for the candidates on 3×5 cards. The cards will be collected soon after the Forum starts.

All question and answer interactions will be between the moderator and the candidates. Questions will be chosen by the moderator and the first person called upon for each new question will be rotated among the candidates to ensure fairness.

The BBOE Candidates Forum will be videotaped and made available to the general public through our local cable access station and by posting to the internet. The Belleville United Coalition also wishes to extend a heartfelt invitation to all media outlets to help educate the public by covering this important public event through their various mediums and platforms.

Thank you and please attend.



Who are the members of the Belleville United Coalition? An alliance of involved citizens, teachers, business people, retirees and professionals.

What is their mission? The betterment of the Belleville Educational District in all ways.

How will they do that? By keeping apprised of, and being a sounding board for, any issue, development, grievance or praise, program or direction that may affect or influence, harm or improve our educational process or environment. In so doing inform the good citizens of Belleville with credible and accurate information.


Our Executive Officers

President: Jeffrey Mattingly
Vice President: Arlene Schor
Secretary: Michael Sheldon
Treasurer: Joan Schmitt


For more information about the BBOE Candidates Forum, please contact:

Michael Sheldon






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