The BEA’s “Rally For A Better Belleville” (Video) – June 23, 2014


Just a quick post to get this out there for everyone who’s been asking for it.

Here is a video recording done by the Belleville Education Association of the excellent, highly charged speeches from the BEA/NJEA event.

Everyone did a great job with organizing the event. The positive energy and excitement was everywhere, and the turnout from all over the state was impressive (I believe well over 1000 people). Definitely a landmark occasion in local history.

I’ve kept promising it, but now Belleville is officially on the map, my friends. This is just the start of something huge, both for the educators as well as the town.

It’s finally all starting to come together.


~ Griff




Update: Well, here is’s coverage of the rally:

Belleville Education Association holds rally


I have to say, I’m very underwhelmed by the meager coverage offered by our local news.

This was an historic occasion in Belleville’s history. The NJEA and teachers from all over the state have finally united, and have pledged to stand behind the BEA in their struggle against the Belleville Board of Education. More than 1000 people were in attendance at this rally at the High School.

The fact that the Belleville Times, the official town newspaper, only dedicated a minute-long snippet and exactly two sentences to this event is quite disappointing.

Then again, if the local news gave these issues in Belleville the attention they deserved in the first place, I wouldn’t have felt so compelled to start this blog.



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