Belleville Board of Education Meeting (Video) – June 23, 2014


With more than 5 hours of recorded footage from Monday’s BEA rally and the Board meeting that followed, getting it all uploaded has been a bit of a problem. Repeated issues with Youtube being able to process very large video files lead to many wasted hours of waiting over the last couple of days, taking multiple tries to get them completed. I apologize for the wait.

Two of the segments have finally finished being processed by Youtube, so I’m going to post them here as soon as I hear they’re ready.

We do have footage of the rally as well, but I’ll create a separate post for that one when it’s ready. That deserves to be featured all on its own.

I will also circle back and try to bookmark the key events in the meeting, since I doubt many people will want to sit through a Board meeting that lasted 3 and a half hours. That will make it easier for people to skip ahead to the parts they’re most interested in seeing.

It was a good meeting and worth every minute, so I do recommend watching all of the footage if you can manage it.

A big thank you to Belleville United for providing this coverage. Hopefully we will have the Comcast Public Access Station up and running for Belleville soon, and we won’t need to rely on volunteers to make these meetings available for others to watch.

Update: All three parts of the Board meeting are now available below.



Part I



Part II

There was a quick battery change that had to be made here, if it seems like the video skips ahead a bit.



Part III



Updated Update: Here is some additional news coverage of the meeting from other news sources.

Belleville school board facing $3.6 million deficit


The Observer Online:

Layoffs, loan seen as deficit remedies





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