Demand an Apology From Superintendent Feldman and the Belleville Board of Ed!


This petition has been circulating for a couple of weeks now. At the time of this writing, the Belleville Education Association is only about 135 signatures short of reaching their goal of 1,000 by Monday’s BEA/NJEA rally at the high school (5:30 PM).

Although that total is climbing rapidly, we need your help to push it not only over the goal line, but well over the 1,000-signature mark!

The body text of the petition is copied below, and the link to the actual petition is posted at the end of the article.

Please sign and share it! Thank you.



Demand that Superintendent Feldman and the Belleville Board of Education immediately apologize to the Belleville staff, students, and community for their recent actions.


We ask that you sign our petition to show your desire for a better Belleville. We all want a future where our students can succeed, and we all want an intimidation-free workplace for Belleville school employees. Our current superintendent and board of education have failed to provide these and instead, have created an environment filled with bad decisions and unethical behavior. It’s time to hold them accountable.

Moreover, the Belleville school district’s finances are in ruin. In the last two years—under the helm of Superintendent Helene Feldman and this current board of education—the district has racked up 32 audit deficiencies and has mismanaged and misappropriated budgeted taxpayers’ money so poorly, a state Department of Education monitor has been assigned.  What happened to public transparency and fiduciary responsibility?

Instead of listening to the public and staff concerns, this superintendent and board of education are argumentative, disrespectful, and choose to demoralize their staff by refusing to address even the most basic of educational needs.  You have the power to change the tide.

Join the statewide movement and demand that the Belleville superintendent and board of education apologize to the staff, students, and community for their actions.  Your signature will demand transparency, accountability and cooperation over intimidation, corruption and stonewalling. Together, let’s speak in one clear voice:  It’s time for a better Belleville.

Thank you for your support.

Yours in unity,

The Belleville Education Association



Click here to view and sign the petition:

Demand an apology from Superintendent Feldman and the Belleville Board of Education!





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