Belleville Town Council Meeting (audio) – May 27, 2014


I was finally able to get a hold of a recording for Tuesday evening’s Town Council Meeting, which I then converted into a YouTube video. The earlier portion of the meeting was not recorded, so I apologize for that. Not much I can do until someone decides to “officially” record these meetings.

Of particular note is at about 19:55 minutes into the meeting, the president of the Oranges/Maplewood chapter of the NAACP, Thomas Puryear, issues a statement to the Council.

Mr. Puryear raised the issue of a recent OPRA request made by the NAACP that, to date, has gone unanswered by the Municipal Clerk.

His official statement from the NAACP also calls for Councilwoman Marie Burke to resign from the Democratic County Committee Chair that she currently holds.

In addition, Mr. Puryear declared his Unit’s intention of monitoring the situation going forward. Should Mrs. Burke not step down on her own, Mr. Puryear stated that he will demand that the Essex County Democratic Party have Burke removed.

Another item of interest was Resolution 18 on the agenda, proposed by the Council to request the resignation of Councilwoman Burke. All six of her fellow council members voted in favor of the resolution.

I will update this post later with additional information. For now, the recording is linked below.




Update: Here is’s coverage of the meeting:

Belleville Council wrap-up: Crime update, Strumolo Burke asked to resign




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