Guest Commenting Has Been Phased Out


Now that traffic on has been steadily increasing over the weeks, I’ve had to proactively deal with an increase in the appearance of spam comments on different areas of the site.

This is pretty inevitable, since I have allowed “guest commenting” (being able to comment without being a registered user) to continue on the site since the day we launched.

Although I have several anti-spam measures and multiple layers of security in place, allowing guest commenting is an open invitation for spam comments and advertisements to appear on the frontend of the site. It’s basically an open invitation that says, “Hey, come and paste your spam advertisements wherever you like!”. For that reason, it was never going to remain a long-term feature.

With the sharp rise in traffic here lately, I need to accelerate my schedule a bit and turn it off. Things around here are definitely moving much faster than I ever expected.

Having to register for a website before you can participate in its online community is standard procedure for just about every website on earth, partially as an anti-spam measure.

From this point forward, you will need to be a registered user to comment on articles, join in discussions on the forums, and anything else we plan to offer here in the future. Most of the people actively commenting here are already registered, so nothing will change for them. However, the days of the “drive-by comments” have come to an end….thankfully.

As I’ve explained before, creating an account here is simple and painless. I specifically don’t ask you for personal information – just provide a valid email address, pick your own username, and you’re all set.

If you like what you see here, please don’t hesitate to join our growing community.


~ Griff




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