Rothwell: “Beware in casting your votes on May 8”

Longtime Cortlandt resident and community advocate Diane Rothwell offers a word of warning to Belleville voters for the upcoming election.



Dear Belleville Taxpayers;

While I believe that the current BOE has been making positive steps forward by improving our school system in a constructive manner, I understand that it’s going to take time to recover from the years of damage done by the 2012-14 BOE trustees with the multi-million dollar defective security system throughout the district, not to mention the thumb-drive scam and the talkshow field trip racket – there’s still A LOT that needs to be done.

The BOE recently asked the community to support a multi-million dollar referendum to restore deteriorating school buildings and neglected maintenance as well additional issues. In the beginning of the month, a video was released of high school hallways flooding from ceiling leaks, photos of vermin running rampant, students and parents complaining of the food service not being up to passable edible standards. And yet, newly elected BOE members are deserting their committed seats and their promises to the children and educational system in our town to run for Township Council positions.

I find it DISGRACEFUL and a true sign of MORAL DEFICIENCY of these candidates, Tom Graziano and Liza Lopez, to unethically abandon their current roles and impose a HUGE financial encumbrance on our community. A special election will have to be held to fill a planned unscheduled vacancy because of their political ambitions, if by chance they succeed in the Township elections.

So Belleville citizens, my word of advice is “BEWARE” in casting your votes on May 8, 2018 for Township Mayor and Council seats. Our town deserves to have people whose genuine intentions are filled with honesty and authentic commitment.

In the next several weeks, you’ll see literature claiming their concern of township matters, hopeful strategies to unite the BOE and Township government to reform and promote progress – all for the good of the community and the children. But ask yourself,

1. Why can’t these people unify the two systems from their current positions?

2. What happened to their promises and commitments they pledged during their BOE campaigns just a short time ago? Their failure to complete self-sought obligations?

3. How are these candidates expecting citizens to have faith in them, if these BOE members and township petitioners have nearly NEVER attended township meetings routinely?


Thank you for your time,


A Concerned and Long-Time Belleville Resident

Diane Rothwell




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