Sheldon Alleges Hostile Encounter with Newark Campaign Worker

BOE candidate describes a recent confrontation he claims took place outside his home with a campaign worker for a rival political faction


Belleville Board of Education candidate Michael Sheldon has submitted the following letter to the Watch describing a recent confrontation he claims occurred outside his home with a member of a rival political faction for this election.

In the interest of fairness, we encourage any parties or witnesses to this alleged event to reach out to us if they wish to submit a statement or rebuttal.

Here is a copy of Mr. Sheldon’s letter:



Close Encounters of the Newark Voting Fraud Kind


To: The Essex Watch

I am writing to share with you and your readership a very unsettling experience I had late afternoon on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 related to this year’s Belleville Board of Education election process.

While placing one of my larger campaign signs near my home on the corner of Little St and Floyd St, I noticed a rather burly Latino male carrying campaign signs for Jacho/Setteducato on the opposite side of Little St.   He was in the process of placing their signs on the lawns of mostly Latino homeowners (who I subsequently discovered either had not given permission to him to do so or didn’t know anything about the Jacho/Setteducato ticket and their Newark-based funding/operation, but I digress here.)

While I didn’t know the identity of this individual at that moment, he certainly knew who I was as he mockingly yelled to me from across the street, “Hey Sheldon, can I put one of our signs on your lawn?”

I replied that “I wouldn’t have anything to do with your 2 unqualified candidates nor Newark for that matter!”

He immediately responded “Why makes you think I’m from Newark?” to which I replied “Your campaign is being bankrolled and directed by Fonseca’s operation in Newark.”   (For those readers who may not already be aware, the “Believe in Belleville” PAC, which is funding and managing the Jacho/Setteducato ticket is registered to Pablo Fonseca’s office at 188 Jefferson St in Newark as filings with the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission indicate.)

At this stage, this individual became noticeably angry and I began to feel somewhat threatened as he quickly walked across Little St yelling at me “What the f$#! difference does it make if I’m from Newark!” adding that Newark was “already taking over Belleville” and that “Belleville will be much better off with Newark in charge.”

With the stress level rising by the second, I replied that “this is our community and we won’t allow Newark to control us or our elections.”

He responded “I’ve got news for you, Sheldon!   We’re going to do for Erika and Olga what we did for Liza last year and we already have 5000 votes in the bag – you’ve already lost this election and will be lucky to get even 2500 votes.”

He then added “maybe if you had reached out to Liza at the start of this campaign and made a deal with her, then maybe we would have been able to help you out….but it’s over for you.”

After telling him that Liza had called me a couple weeks after Ralph Vellon passed away this past summer to ask me if I was interested in filling his seat through the November election, he then asked me for my phone number adding that he was going to call Liza and Pablo to check out this story.

I gave him my landline number and he immediately called it from his smartphone presumably to add it to his contact list.    The log of this incoming call on my Comcast account follows:


Editor’s note – we have masked the individual’s phone number.


More about this “Sorinet Rosario” individual later in this article.

After this encounter with this guy, I assumed I would never see this threatening character again.

Much to my surprise, he reappeared at the Monday, October 30th BOE meeting where he presumably signed one of the public session sheets as “Angel Colon” but never spoke during the meeting.    In all the years I’ve been regularly attending and participating in BOE meetings, I’ve never seen him at any previous meeting.

And he appeared again at the BHS BOE Candidate Forum Wednesday night – and following the Forum’s conclusion, I witnessed him embracing Ms. Jacho, Ms. Setteducato, and Ms. Lopez.

At this point, I realized his association with this BOE election was much more than a passing interest on his part and he was playing a very active role in the Jacho/Setteducato campaign.    I noticed that a local reporter managed to interview this individual following the conclusion of the Forum as he was very much acting the part of their campaign manager.   Afterwards, I asked the reporter the name of the individual in question and was told “Angel Colon”.

So time to do the Google…….

A couple of minutes of online research revealed that this individual was in fact Angel Colon as a news release on the NJ Attorney General’s website clearly revealed with what seems to be a mugshot.   The link to that news release follows:


This was the same individual whom I encountered outside my home on October 25th and appeared at the BHS on October 30th and November 1st.

As it turns out, Mr. Colon was charged with a 2nd degree felony and pleaded guilty to the same in 2011 for submitting fraudulent absentee ballots while working for the 2007 campaign of Teresa Ruiz for the New Jersey Senate.   As penalty, he was sentenced to 3 years in State prison.

Now back to the Rosario Sorinent connection….

As the additional NJ AG news release in connection with the same voter fraud scandal indicates:


Sorinette Rosario, who is listed as Mr. Colon’s fiancé at the time the charges were filed was also indicted for tampering with absentee ballots during the same election bid for Teresa Ruiz.

So what does this have to do with Erika Jacho and Olga Setteducato, you might ask?

Putting aside the obvious fact that Mr. Colon is serving as a campaign operative for them, following last night’s Forum the following posting appeared on Jacho’s Facebook page:



Notice the posting was made by “Sorinette Rosario” – the same name which appeared on my Caller-ID when Mr. Colon called my landline on October 25th.    And upon visiting Ms. Rosario’s FB page, the following photo is revealed wherein Mr. Colon once again appears:



So while some may argue that Belleville now has the modern version of “Bonnie and Clyde” as the result of their shared interest in committing massive amounts of voting fraud and trying to steal elections in the process, the real and urgent question becomes….why is the Jacho/Setteducato campaign using people like this to carry out a political agenda, which ultimately is rooted in Pablo Fonseca’s operation at 188 Jefferson St in Newark and whose likely intention is to soon takeover and run our Township from his Newark office?

And in light of Mr. Colon’s assertion on October 25th that they already had “5000 votes in the bag” and two weeks before Election Day, does this mean that he and company are continuing his same criminal activity of voter fraud, something that we may pursue with the NJ AG’s office if necessary.    How many votes did Mr. Colon “already have in the bag” in 2007 on behalf of his Newark handlers?

As a general rule, I have always believed that you can judge the character of a person by the company you keep.

It is critically important that Belleville voters ask themselves the following question prior to November 7th……can I trust 2 BOE candidates who ally themselves with individuals who have sought to steal elections via voter fraud?

I’ve already confronted Ms. Jacho via Facebook about her apparently false claim that she has regularly attended and addressed the Belleville BOE at its meetings from 2008 through 2015.    Since we now have a complete video archive of every BOE meeting from 2014 to present, I asked her to find a single instance during this period wherein she actually got up before the podium/microphone and expressed any opinion about Board policies.

Not surprisingly, she has refused to answer my question to date….and her silence speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, Ms. Setteducato has claimed to have a degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.   As a proud graduate of Stevens (I have my degrees in theoretical physics from Stevens), I checked the Alumni directory but cannot find any record for her.   I politely told her via Facebook about this problem and asked her to please tell me when she graduated, what degree field, and degree level.   One day later she gave the following absurd reply, which I view as a smoking gun:

“Mr. Sheldon to respond to your comment on the degree or certificate I have is irrelevant to the Board Trustee position.”

I completely beg to differ with this ridiculous response.   If the degree assertion is irrelevant, then why make it in the first place?   And why would anyone with an actual degree from such a prestigious engineering and science institution not want to tell the public about the specifics of their accomplishment?

In my opinion, there is a fundamental question about the honesty and trustworthiness of Ms. Jacho and Ms. Setteducato, something that should be very troubling and of grave concern to every voter in Belleville.

After all, as candidates for the Belleville Board of Education, you are asking the voters of Belleville to entrust you with the education of our children and usage of their tax dollars.

This is why the position is called “TRUSTEE”!!!!

Honesty and integrity always matter….especially on Election Day, November 7th!


Michael Sheldon





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