BOE Candidate Ray Kuebler Sets the Record Straight


Former Belleville Board of Education trustee and current election candidate Raymond Keubler has submitted a letter to the Watch to clarify misinformation that is being disseminated on his position regarding the school board’s legal counsel, Whippany-based firm Schwartz Simon Edelstein & Celso.

Evidently there is some level of dissatisfaction and discussion to have the firm removed due to allegations of excessive over-billing of the school district. Although this activity has been going on for months and is being led by at least one current trustee, none of the board trustees have been willing to make a motion to act on it.

Here is Mr. Kuebler’s statement:


I would like to start my campaign by thanking everyone for their continued support and encouragement to run for the Belleville Board of Education this year. With that being said, I would like to clarify some misinformation that has seemed to arise regarding a false statement being spread by a current BOE member and town employee.

These two individuals, and solely these two individuals, approached me and asked the same question regarding my opinion on the current legal representation for the Board of Education. Unfortunately, what I discussed with these two individuals was not accurately disclosed to the public. I realize that politics can sometimes misconstrue information and wish to set the record straight.

I would like to explain what should have been properly repeated, which is that I felt the district was well represented during contract negotiations. But since I am no longer a member of the board and removed from the situation, I would need to look further into the service that was provided the last two years in order to make an informed statement and ultimate decision.

I continue to stand by my reputation for being a dedicated and hardworking representative of this town. There is never an excuse for misrepresentation and misinformation and will gladly answer any and all questions when addressed.

With that being said, if appointed to the Board, I will fully support the Board in seeking new representation that all parties will feel are in the best interests of the district.


Raymond Kuebler


The Facebook page for Ray Kuebler’s election campaign can be found here:

Raymond Kuebler for Board of Education 2017




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