Belleville Council Meeting – August 8, 2017


Here is video coverage of last night’s public meeting of the Belleville Council.

handout agenda





Noteworthy highlights:

Councilman Joe Longo is not physically present for the meeting, and calls in again. He votes on all matters before the governing body.

8:45 – Phyllis Frantantoni questions the Council on how exactly Longo, who is in Florida, is receiving his confidential packet of township materials for every Council meeting. She is told that the packet is delivered to his home, presumably the home he still owns in Belleville which is for sale. Neither the Council nor the clerk answer as to how the packet subsequently reaches Longo in Florida in time to review for the meeting approximately 72 hours later. Bear in mind that this packet contains confidential township materials that are not to be opened or viewed by anyone but the intended councilperson.

Mrs. Frantantoni also presents the New Jersey First Act (P.L. 2011, c.70) to the Council’s attention. She points out that according to the Act, Longo does not meet the necessary criteria for principal residence, and that simply owning a home in New Jersey does not qualify Longo to continue serving in public office in Belleville. She calls for his immediate resignation.

12:20 – Vincent Frantantoni questions the Council on a change order resolution in the consent agenda with no dollar amounts or details included. The change order is to approve an increase in project costs for the Belleville Fire House bathroom renovation. The cost of the project is to increase from $94,000 to more than $131,000.

Yes, you read those figures correctly. $131,000 of your tax dollars for a bathroom renovation.



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