Belleville BoE: Did You Really Just Kill His Microphone?

I hate to keep using Jeff Mattingly’s speech Monday night at the Board of Education meeting as the focal point for multiple posts, but so much happened in just a few minutes that some of these things really need attention directed to them individually.

Such as, why Mattingly’s microphone mysteriously died while he was in the middle of his speech. That seems rather odd, considering it was working perfectly for everyone else that night.

What’s more odd is that when he walks away and the next gentleman walks up to the podium right after him, it’s suddenly working again.

Pay careful attention to the question he poses just as his mike goes dead at about 29:15




Jeff Mattingly was still well within his allotted speaking time when his microphone was turned off. A full 26 seconds left to talk, by my nifty stopwatch app.

So, here’s my question for Mr. Rivera – you wouldn’t, by any chance, have deliberately turned the microphone off during the public comments section of a public meeting, now would you?

Or, should we expect to hear a story about some serendipitous technical difficulties you happened to be experiencing at that very moment while the Board was being asked some very intriguing questions?


Mr. Rivera, you may not want to hear what the public has to say, and if I were in your shoes given the circumstances, I probably wouldn’t either.

However, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter being addressed, or how threatened you may feel, as long as the topic being put forth is of reasonable concern to the citizens of Belleville, you have NO RIGHT to suppress any portion of the public comments section of a public meeting.

I suggest you take that under advisement.

~ Griff


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