Belleville Board of Education Meeting (Video) – March 31, 2014


The Good People of Belleville Have Finally Had Enough

Here is the video recording of last night’s Belleville Board of Education meeting.

Also, I would like to thank the individual who is taking the time to post these recordings so quickly.




Note – I will directly address Mr. Rivera’s rather interesting interpretation of the Sunshine Law shortly in another blog post.

If one thing is clear from last night’s Board of Education meeting, it’s this:

The good people of Belleville have finally had enough.

The level of frustration among the residents of this town, who are brave enough to come forward and speak out to the members of the Board, is evident to anyone who attends or watches these meetings. Last night it appears to have reached almost a deafening crescendo, second only to the cheering applause that follow each impassioned speech.

For what it’s worth, I commend each of you for taking a stand. People like Mr. Jeffrey Mattingly and Mr. Michael Mignone are truly an inspiration, to name just a few.

Know that your struggle has caught the attention of many others, including obviously myself. We at the Nutley Watch are behind you.

The Watch is very busy uniting people from all over Essex County. We are rallying everyone under one banner; a banner of conquering legal and moral injustice in your community. We are quite literally growing by the day, and linking arms with all the right people. Already we are attracting the attention of other organizations, the media, and now even legal and government authorities.

In a short time we have transformed from scattered collections of discouraged but persevering individuals, into an inspired, unified force. For every one of us you see, there are two hundred or more that you don’t see behind us. We are smart, organized, connected, and above all, highly motivated.

While The Watch is busy leading an information crusade, and bringing the truth to light using technology and social media, it is your unwavering strength, resilience in the face of adversity, and insurmountable hope for a better community that gives people like myself the determination to see the mission through. Although the outlook for your struggle has appeared bleak for a long time, hold your heads high, and carry yourselves with pride.

Stand strong Belleville, and spread the word. The help you have been asking for has finally arrived.


~ Griff




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