2015 BUC Candidates Forum Video


This is video coverage of the Belleville United Coalition’s second annual Candidates Forum, held on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, for the upcoming Belleville Board of Education election in November.

Five candidates — four challengers and one incumbent — are competing for two open seats.

To anyone who is a registered voter in Belleville, or simply a concerned resident, I strongly urge you to watch this entire debate very closely. It was a spectacular event, and the BUC deserves a great deal of gratitude for putting this together once again for the voting public.

I won’t hesitate to say however that there was a metric ton of outright nonsense said that night. More than anticipated, anyway.

Please judge each candidate for yourself based on merit, not misdirection. Forget the rumors. Forget the innuendos. Frankly, it’s all the same tired garbage, and no one should be the least bit surprised.

Look at the facts for yourself. Consider what you can see going on in the school district with your own eyes. It’s not hard to figure out for yourself who is playing on your fears with vague implications that are easy to discredit.

It may be Halloween, but manufacturing a Boogeyman in order to achieve a purely political goal is, in my opinion, detestable. Unfortunately, misinformation and scaremongering is the standard textbook play in Belleville politics.

Our purpose with The Watch has been and always will be to remain vigilant and engaged, cut through the misinformation, stop the costly and destructive shenanigans that are breaking the back of the taxpayer, and allow the voter to make informed decisions for themselves in a fair election process, free of manipulation.

Please listen to each of the candidates closely, and make your own informed decision as to the best two people for the job of serving the school district. Above all, I urge you not to take anything said here at face value.

Politics already destroyed the school district once, and saddled Belleville residents with 10 years of additional financial liability in the form of guaranteed tax increases from the school district. Let’s not kid ourselves, this is once again about politicians wanting control and influence that they are not entitled to, when that’s precisely how we ended up with a multi-million dollar deficit to begin with.

We don’t need more politics. We need more progress.

Please get out to vote on November 3rd to support the two individuals you feel truly have the bests interests of the kids in mind, and will work hard for their education and success in the years ahead.

Thank you, and enjoy the video.






Update (10/27): Belleville schools superintendent Dr. Richard Tomko has issued a statement in response to allegations made against him and the school district by candidates Grolimond and Barrera during this debate.

Belleville Super Responds to Accusations by BOE Candidates



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