Belleville Town Council Meeting Gets Heated

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The sparks were flying at Tuesday’s Belleville Town Council Meeting, with enough accusations and mud-slinging to make a reality TV show producer cringe.

Read all about it in’s excellent coverage:


Quite the cast of characters we’ve managed to assemble.

By the way – while all eyes are on the political circus act going on, did anyone bother to notice that Belleville now has the first Latino judge in the town’s history?




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  1. Mary Short of the Belleville Municipal Employees Association, which represents DPW workers, accused Strumolo Burke of using the slur, which Short found offensive and which she said had upset DPW workers. She said she recognized Strumolo Burke’s voice, but the councilwoman denied it was her on the tape.

    “I hope and pray what you say is true,” said Short.

    Others were not as forgiving.

    “I’m very, very insulted,” said DPW worker Warren Jones, who said he recognized Strumolo Burke’s voice on the tape. He also promised to pursue the matter further if nothing was done about it, and felt that she should resign.

    It can now be noted that an independent verification of Strumolo’s voice has been made assuring that it is her voice on the recording.

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