Belleville Town Council Meeting – Apr 14, 2015


As was on the agenda for the pre-meeting conference, the potential developers of the Second River Station project, the Belleville Development Group, had appeared with their attorney Mr. Gaccione to speak before the Council, presumably about a revised plan for the Jacobs/Kidde property that we’ve been following very closely.

For those who have been asking about their presentation, they basically stood up and announced to the Council that they weren’t yet ready to present anything, then they left the proceedings. They were gone before I could even get the camera set up and in place.

The rest of the pre-meeting conference was held in closed session, which is why it wasn’t recorded.

This video picks up at the beginning of the regular business meeting.




Update: has published their coverage of the meeting:

Belleville council discusses Roche, roads


Belleville council votes to enter agreement with law firm




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