Belleville Town Council Meeting (Audio) – August 12, 2014


Here is the full audio from last night’s Town Council meeting. The first hour or so of the video is spent on budget discussions, while some of the more heated engagements are in the latter half of the meeting.

Councilwoman Burke was strangely quiet this evening, but in all fairness, she’s under a lot of pressure right now, so it’s probably for the best.

Some interesting remarks were made by Councilman Longo, particularly regarding his involvement with the purchase of 2,000 USB drives from his own employer, Marange Printing, by the Board of Education while he was a trustee. Among other things, at about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the video, Longo clearly states that he, “was never involved in any of the transactions that went on”.

Let’s just say we’re very happy to have that statement officially on record.

Since Mr. Longo is new to the council, we would also like to suggest to him that it’s a bad idea to debate Mr. Murphy without an airtight argument, much less try to create the appearance of impropriety at his expense. When it comes to verbal fencing, Murphy is an artist!

Don’t bring that weak stuff around here. Murphy will dance circles around you, without even getting his heart-rate up.

And by the way…..why does Longo seem so terrified of someone new taking over the township website?

I mean after all, it’s just a website.

~ Griff






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